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In the fall of 1999, Marie and I recognized that something really bad was happening in our country. We, as a Nation, had pulled away from our Christian Heritage.

We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ has called us into a Laypersons ministry to do what we could to Restore Our Nations Christian Heritage.

We believe that one of the main reasons for this happening was, prayer was taken out of our schools. As we started studying the history of our country, even more aspects of decay became apparent. We found that there had become a concentrated effort by different groups and individuals to remove Christ from all aspects of life in America. Not only had prayer been removed from our schools, Bible reading has been prohibited.

American History has been rewritten and the teaching of evolution has replaced the teaching of Creation.

We started seeking for true knowledge about how this country was... and still needs to be a Christian Nation.

We started a One Nation Under God ministry in our church. The purpose was to do what we could to restore our Christian Heritage.

We then started sharing with other churches and other Christians what we had learned. We set up a section of our church library with books, audio and video tapes that pertain to our Christian Heritage.

We also have a One Nation Under God parade every summer in our local town. This gives people who believe that we are still a Christian Nation a chance to take a stand for Christ.

If you or your church would like to get involved, please contact us. We would be happy to talk to church groups or individuals who would like to start their own ministry.

Woody and Marie Holmes
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